Naughty PB & J


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I placed the paper grocery bag containing a jar of peanut butter and jelly in the bed of my old pickup truck. As I pulled out on to the road, leaving the parking lot of the market I heard the jars rumbling about like a pair of rambunctious children set free! I looked in the mirror and sure enough there they were playfully rolling about…

I laughed at their playful movement as I pulled over to restrain those naughty jars!

I couldn’t help but laugh again as I sat back in the cab and saw those two sitting there looking disappointed and upset, hahaha “you naughty jars”

Edward Donato




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So many wonderful hands with digits of great talent, amazing they are, able tools connected to the body! Each hand unique to its existence and its master, some scared, stained, and callused, others smooth, manicured, and clean, no matter their appearance or texture each has uplifted, comforted, destroyed, given, received, and been shaken.

To receive another’s hand in that brife embrace of a hand shake says so much, to feel the large, coarse and callused firm squeeze of the mason, the smooth slender and gentle presence of a grandmothers hand.
“Bump it bro” or of course the classic high five, each unite and celebrate!

Hands have always been a fascination of mine. As a young boy I remember sitting in mass holding my mothers hand, I would push and roll the veins that were proud on the back of her hand, I would feel the smooth long red painted nails at the end of each finger while listening to stories of a man named Jesus who used his hands to heal. I remember watching the skilled hands of my uncle as he seemed to preform magic chiseling, carving, and filing to create wonderful objects, I marveled at how not only his hands but the multitude I observed seemed to move effortlessly and flawlessly while working in their craft, even watching the ladies type in my moms office I was amazed at how their fingers could move so quick and accurately. click click click tap click I would pretend is was typing of course only gibberish.

When I look at anything made by hands I appreciate their presence I recognize their effort and skill.
To the hands that have left their imprint upon my life that have helped to shape and mold this person I am, I am forever grateful! To the two hands bound to me and that I have the pleasure of using to create, feel, mend, communicate, embrace and connect, thank you!

To the hands you have the pleasure of meeting, receive them warmly and know the wonder they possess and the connection they hold with the heart of their master.

Edward Donato

Inspiration, and her love, the Maker


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Their relationship is one of selfless passion, and seduction, Inspiration’s allurement, luminous and spirit are irresistible to the Maker’s longing desire to indulge and embrace her, to feel her teasing and then opening as he slowly kisses her soft skin. His strength, enchantment, and skill, along with his gentle understanding and patience draws her to him, to be discovered, appreciated, embraced and fulfilled. A faith exist between the two, both are committed to the other, each holding a key that unlocks the others inner most being. A balance and dependance bind their spirits.
When she is not in his presence he spends his time in anticipation of her visits, he exercises, stretches and manicures himself to be always ready for his love. She on the other hand can seem a bit more elusive, her practices kept secret. He never resents her elusiveness and knows her love for him is all there is. Never is her appearance unkept and her beauty never dims in his eyes. Every encounter is fresh, although both are fully familiar with the other there is freshness, a newness and excitement for one another and each encounter.
When she arives her smile lightens his heart her sweet voice fills him with joy, they embrace and the energy it produces can be felt in the air that surrounds them. His strong hands, well built body, warmth and sweet sent flood her senses, desire for him rushes through every cell of her body. Holding her, he feels her desire and slowly cresses her lower cheek with the gentle warmth of the back of his fingers and presses his moist supple lips to hers, their spirits intertwine and the dance of love begins. The dance of the two is unending only by death will the two meld into one and become an energy that fills all that they created during life…

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Edward Donato

Creating, and its effect


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When one produces a creative work, they are bringing out what was within, a process of discovery and thought manifest. For the creator it can be a way of looking at something, a way of experiencing a thought sensually, be it visually, auditorily or otherwise.

When an outside person experiences the creators creation a type of communication takes place through an unwritten language of interpretation and even further discovery by the one experiencing the creation.

As a creator, to share the creation can be a very intimate and petrifying thing to do at first but like speaking in front of a crowd, with repetition it becomes more comfortable. Through this sharing of oneself, of intentionally becoming vulnerable it seems the creator frees themselves to some degree not only by overcoming the fear of vulnerability but by, I think opening up further ones creativeness and allowing it to flow more easily!

Here I will share a bit of myself with you below is a picture I took with the intention of play with the effects of light. So many thoughts come to mind when I look at this picture. Some of which are, movement, light, temporary, blending, spirit,… I see the briefness of our existence, the blending and interconnected-ness we all share, I see life in motion, light in motion, and so much more


Here are a few more for your enjoyment or stimulation of some sort…




Another thought that comes to mind while on this thread of creator and creation is that of a divine creator and the interpretations the creation itself makes not only about it’s self but about its creator. I will leave it there, Happy New Year!!

Edward Doanto

Thoughts about creativity…


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Creative thoughts and ideas seem at times to just appear in the conscious mind from no where, almost like some kind of revelation (a gift possibly?).
I love these moments and find these ideas seem to appear most during times of movement either while riding my bicycle or driving along an open highway. It’s almost like the act of physically moving causes my thoughts to move, to progress, to scroll forward. Like the propulsion of my body forward has a similar effect on my thoughts. I’m a picture kinda guy so here’s a picture to keep us moving along …


There are times too, when the thoughts seem to stop, when you are moving along on a project and all of a sudden, blank! Confused or at least unsure what the next step should be you try to force out a solution but the more you try the more it seems to be held in. Like when you lose something and you try and try to find it but can not, as soon as you let go of that struggle it seems though it comes to you and you remember where the lost item is. The same seems to be true with the solutions with our work, when we can step back, allow time and our minds to sort things out next thing you know, there it is! The solution! Seemingly obvious and yet it was obscured for some reason…

Totally unrelated just to share here are two pictures of migrating geese (I think). The second picture I thought was neat because the birds seem to be forming an outline of a mountain landscape.



Edward Donato

Main frame


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Wrapped up the main components of the structure yesterday and managed to figure a way to run the electrical conduit (for lighting) inside the structure to keep the eye on what’s important! It was a little tricky figuring it out but once I had it visualized it all went into place without a problem!!



I guess the main issue was making the connection between the to pieces of conduit while holding the 16′ piece of steel in place and out of the way enough to make the connection, Then slid the steel beam in place. Using chunks of steel clamped to either side of the frame I was able to accomplish this by myself!!


Now with the structure built, the heavy lifting and tricky figuring behind its on to beautifying it or maybe soften it up a bit…

The brick patio will be laid now, once that’s complete I’ll finish up welding the trellises and running the shade cloth cables across the top!
Here’s a picture from outside the gate, to give a feel, a taste of the theme.
Stay tuned it’s gonna be nice!!…


Working with my two favorite mediums today…


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Started this morning making steel fly as I erected the second side of the patio cover. The job always moves along smoother when you start everything level and square… I guess that’s true with most things in life.


After wrapping up with the steel work I was off to knock some ash logs in to shape. 2 months ago I drove past a house where a husband and his wife were cutting down their tree in the front yard. I noticed they had the majority of the tree down and it was laying on the ground in long lengths! The couple looked frustrated or exhausted at least so I thought I would stop and ask if I could help in exchange for some wood. They were relived and happy to have the help and in fact happy to have someone to haul off all the heavy wood!! I was happy because it was Ash and I had tons of projects to put it to good use!
Fast forward to today and here I am making the bed of a pole lathe and the seat of a shave horse.

Here’s the shave horse seat roughly cut.


And here is the pole lathe bed in about the same state




Next I will need to refine them both add legs etc. we’ll save that for another day.

I’ll leave you with a couple images of a pole lathe and a shave horse.



Flying steel!


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Today was the first day to erect and weld. This is always the fun part to be able to start seeing the idea and drawing come to life and take shape!
I was forced to channel my inner Roman today as I figured out a way to hoist the 4″x4″x3/16″x20′ top rail and place it on top of the support posts.



I lifted it in steps raising each side incrementally back and forth until at last it reached the top and I was able to tack it in place…ahhh!

With most of the figuring and layout complete I’m hoping to make a bit more progress tomorrow.
Off to my other project

The second phase begins

With steel delivered the work can commence! This is a heavy project which will create shade, division, and order in a back yard that is home to 3 greyhounds and a terrier.

Here’s what things looked like at the beginning of phase 1


And this is where it’s at now!


This second half of the job will be extending the frame out into the yard about 20′, installing parallel steel cables attached at each end of the top of the frame to allow shade fabric to be extended and retracted over the soon to be patio. Steel (rebar) trellises will be welded to the structure to allow plants to climb and creat living shade (a veggie jungle gym!)

So may the cutting, grinding, lifting and welding begin!